Field Services take advantage of IoT connectivity platform solutions

Static IP & GPRS enables mobile office solutions

“Working in Partnership with Wireless Logic has been fundamental to our ability to provide our clients with leading edge solutions for over 5 years… Through this relationship new and exciting business solutions have been developed, enhancing autonomy, streamlining operations, enabling paper free workflows, and bringing the term ‘real time solutions’ to life. All of this enabling us to achieve the best for our client”

Richard Hudson – Operational Director, SSTGH

Before Wireless Logic

  • Unreliable / Slow connection speed
  • Lengthy admin time
  • Paper intensive methods
  • Service challenges

The Solution

Simplicity work to provide fast, reliable and simple tools to actively increase the efficiency and the scope of running a business.

Tools, such as The ‘SimplyConnect™’ software solution, achieve this by incorporating Wireless Logic technologies, moving from aged and fickle 56K dial up connections to robust GPRS connections on a secure fixed IP address.

For the clients who can range from engineers, technicians to surveyors, this brings the office to anybody anywhere. Providing benefits such as a maximized bandwidth, whilst connecting mobile devices such as laptops and handheld devices in real-time.

This solution embraces the paper-free environment, with data capture replacing forms and reports being directly integrated into the software and delivered to the applicable team for processing immediately, enabling the delivery of a “good invoice”.

The Results

  • Admin time cut
  • Reduces paper based communication
  • Delivery of a “good invoice”
  • Security maintained on mobile network
  • Real time connections