Secure and resilient M2M Managed services including platforms, airtime packages and 'bolt on' value-added services


Wireless Logic delivers a range of value-added M2M/IoT managed services that empower remote devices to communicate cost-effectively, two ways. As an overlay on both the mobile networks and via satellite communications, mobile and data connectivity solutions span every major MNO in the UK and across Europe.

Our range of service solutions have been developed to enhance basic M2M cellular connectivity to industrial, enterprise and commercial applications with dedicated and relevant value-added services:


  • Utilising one-window platform to multiple M2M data SIM estates and networks, the driving force behind empowering customers to keep control of their SIM-based assets is SIMPro, a bespoke Platform-as-a-Service.
  • NetPro is Wireless Logic’s M2M/IoT Infrastructure-as-a-Service – a cloud-based private network overlaying the public mobile networks. Through NetPro, customers can assign Fixed IP addresses to achieve secure, two-way communication between the device and the control centre.
  •  DevicePro has been designed to monitor, manage and control multiple devices through one interface. Users can perform multiple operations designed to reduce field visits, maintain uptime, and optimise efficiency across entire asset estates.
  • MapPro enables customers to access the mapping and location-based solutions of HERE and Google Maps which can be combined with airtime into one convenient and cost-effective subscription.

How our Service Solutions map out


Why Wireless Logic?

Our platforms and infrastructure: “SIMPro provisioning, BillPro tailored invoicing and NetPro private network have all significantly evolved in the last 12 months. We continue to review the market and technology trends – we’re confident that our drive to push boundaries by delivering more value-added and bolt-on services gives Wireless Logic a vital advantage for current and new customers.”
Matt Thomas, Chief Technology Officer.

Our support: “Customer service and technical support are aspects of Wireless Logic’s delivery that we are most proud of. Our team is focused in their tasks, love the challenges and opportunities we meet every day, and fully recognise the need to be responsive, efficient and professional in ensuring that our services are 110% every day.”
Hannah Hailstone, Operations Manager.